Cyclone Representative Pathways:


  • Under 12 (development) 
  • Under 13
  • Under 14
  • Under 15
  • Under 16
  • Under 17/18


  • Women 
  • Under 15
  • Under 17
  • Open 
  • Men 
  • Under 15 
  • Under 17 
  • Open


  • Men 
  • Under 20


  • Men 
  • Open


Whilst the Representative Pathway develops players, it is just as critical that Coaches are developed through education, participation and development programs. The GCDRU, through assistance from Rugby Australia programs and education, will supplement the experience for Coaches through mentoring, specialist coaching, seminars and practical opportunities. 

Our GCDRU “Cyclones” program was designed for the development of players and coaches; however, the key focus will always be around providing the greatest experience possible to those involved with Rugby and the GCDRU.


The Cyclones program is designed to provide continuous development through structured education and support in Rugby Union. The program provides the opportunity for players within the Gold Coast Region to compete as a team in: 

  • South Queensland competitions
  • Queensland Regional competitions
  • Queensland State Championships
  • International Tours/Tournaments 

The programs elements as part of the education process are, (but not limited to): 

  • Core Skill Development
  • Position Specific Development
  • Nutrition
  • Strength and Conditioning elementary through to position specific with the goal to enhance performance
  • Sports injury management
  • Mental toughness and agility