83 Community Referees recognised for contribution

83 Community Referees recognised for contribution

The below referees have either been invited to join or will continue to remain in one of three special groups. 

The groups include the Community Premiership Group, the Community Rugby Group and the School Student Scholarship Group who were nominated by the State Unions and Referee Associations.

Community Premiership Group

Referees who Rugby AU consider of a standard who can regularly be appointed to a Second Grade Premiership game in Sydney/Brisbane or higher.

ACT: Brodie Ingram, Reuben Keane

NSW: Rory Amon, David Conway, Max Fulton, Jack Gohl, Greg Johnstone, Matt Kellahan, Richard Manchee, James Marshall, Colm McCaughan, Tom Nicholl, James Quinn, Brad Smith

NSW Country: Jarryd Logan, Dru Tonks QLD: Kirk Astill, Ned Carrick, Brett Cronan, Ian Foster, Duncan Male, James Palmer, Aaron Pook, Will Pugsley, Andrew Twist

VIC: Oli Kellett, Amber McLachlan, Shannon McLachlan

WA: Sam Jones, Jordan Kaminski, Madeline Putz, Mark Sherriff

Community Development Group

Referees who have refereed Senior Rugby for at least one year and whom Rugby AU can see the potential to referee at First Grade level (local).

ACT: Kirra Burke, Rhianna Burke, Harry Fenton, Petrus van Aswegen

NSW: Jackson Brislan, Tom Chadwick, Tim Heaney, Oliver Herbert, Andrew Hingston, Michael Oliver

NSW Country: Nik Gaal

QLD: Alec Camplin, Michael Day, Tom Dowse, Jeremy Markey, Charlie Marshall, Harry Martine, Drew Meehan, George Myers, Lara West

VIC: Ciaran Daddo-Langlois

WA: Michael Ward

School Student Scholarship

Referees who are in their final year of school who show a high level of commitment and potential to referee at a high level post-school.

ACT: Evan Nelson NSW: Liam Andrews, Charlie Aylmer, Ben Blades, Jayson Clarke, Xander Deller, Luca Dimeglio, Jack Larkin, Marco Levy, Zack McGeechan, Ollie Melville, Michael O’Farrell, Lachlan Pethybridge, Lachlan Phillips, Riley Price, Hamish Quigley, Ned Swaney

NSW Country: Cerys O’Grady-Cousins

QLD: Alex Biggs, Thomas Hogg, Josiah Jensen, Jessica Ling, George Mellick, Nik Mitchell, Neve O’Dempsey, Logan Pickering, Elijah Weeks

SA: Henri Pardoe

VIC: Sam Thiedeman

WA: Oli Harmer

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